You talked, we listened!

Knowledge is Power!

A few months back, we released a poll to Just199 Hosting clients asking for suggestions on changes or new features that they’d like to see. We found an overwhelming number of clients looking for more resources to be made available to help clients learn our systems and to troubleshoot issues on their own. Well, you talked, and we listened!

These past three months, we’ve been meticulously documenting the support issues that have come through our helpdesk to try identify the most commonly asked types of questions that we receive. In total, our technicians have documented over five thousand questions asked to our team. We’ve categorized all of these questions to determine the most frequently asked types of questions  and have spent time putting together an easy-to-use knowledgebase to help address some of the common questions that we tend to receive!


While this is still a work in progress that will be continuously updated by our team to include more commonly sought-after information, we’re proud to officially launch version 1 of our new knowledgebase to all users! Feel free to access it online here:

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